Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar is by far my most popular presentation.

Because Raising the Bar is not just a philosophy for Dean. It is not just a Title. It is a way of life!

Raising the Bar will ask everyone in attendance the simple question. How do you Raise the Bar in your life?

Dean shares numerous stories and passages from his life where he was challenged and forced to overcome unsurmountable odds in order to simply survive.
Whether it be personally, professionally or within the community Dean opens up his life in a way that will both move you and inspire.

Every story relates back to a time when Dean was forced to Raise the Bar to achieve feels few thought he was capable of.

Dean will share the mental key’s he has used to Rise Above and Raise the Bar to new heights.

Dean’s life story is Raising the Bar. He lives and breaths it every single day.

Raising the Bar is a presentation that you must hear at least once in your life.


Having little or no skin on his face up until the age of 17 taught Dean how important it was to respect yourself – and others.

Faced with bullying and frightened stares, he developed a positive attitude and a spirit of compassion for others who do not fit in!

Dean draws on his experiences as great stories. He touches people’s hearts and teaches them how to value themselves, and the importance of TRUE respect for others- and how it changes everything in life.

Rediscovering respect transforms how people behave at work – as leaders, colleagues, team members or customers!

Rediscover Respect is also fantastic at Schools where there may be a student bullying issue.

It transforms relationships and improves parenting skills!

‘Rediscover Respect’ go on. I dare you………..


Dead Man Working is the presentation that kick started my Speaking career.

Back in late 2002 when I sat down to write my first speech I came up with Dead Man Working.

Granted the title may confuse some but believe me it is the definition of inspiring.

It is my complete life story. Encompassing the incredible highs and the devastating lows I have had to overcome on this amazing journey through life and how I have overcome all the negatives of my life to turn them into strengths.

Dead Man Working is thought provoking, at time confronting but ultimately empowering and inspiring.

I have been lucky enough to share the powerful story that is Dead Man Working with thousands all over the world. From audiences of 5 to 3500 or more.  From Private invitational only meetings with Prime Ministers to international sporting clubs and everyone in between.

If you are looking for a presentation that will leave a lasting impression, Dead Man Working is the presentation for you.